Dual Enrollment

Summer and Fall 2022 Dual Enrollment:

Summer and Fall 2022 Dual Enrollment (DE):

Requests for summer and fall dual enrollment are being processed now.

New students to dual enrollment (DE) should familiarize themselves with the dual enrollment process by reviewing the information on THIS page. You will want to scroll down to the “Steps to Apply” section for full details on how to register.  Be sure to complete the DE application entirely (and neatly/or typed) and put the correct expected graduation month and year. Should you have questions, feel free to email your Hagerty school counselor.

Existing students to DE can register for Fall 2022 classes beginning April 11th.  As a reminder the steps to apply are on THIS page. Although a new application is not needed, many of the other steps are still relevant, especially filling out the tile on Clever. Should you have questions, feel free to email your Hagerty school counselor.

Students: After submitting your course request on the Clever tile, be sure to complete the Schedule Change Form so counselors know what period/s are wanted off campus. This will ensure that your schedule is accurate next year.

Please note: New Dual Enrollment students who are starting in Fall 2022 cannot begin to register until June 29th.

Please see some additional dates and deadlines below:

 Summer 2022 Dates/Deadlines:

Registration Started 4/5/2022

Priority Deadline for Registration and Application Forms: April 22, 2022.

Classes for the full term begin May 9, 2022.

 Fall 2022 Dates/Deadlines:

SSC is NOW accepting Fall 2022 Applications.

Registration opens for Current DE students: April 11, 2022

Registration opens for New Students to DE: June 29, 2022

Classes for the full term begin August 22, 2022

DE Textbook Return

Dual Enrollment textbooks should be dropped off at Mrs. Draus’s office in the administration building, room 1-103 anytime from May 9 th - May 13th . Students must include the Dual Enrollment Receipt Form with their book when they drop it off. Copies of the form can be found on our school website at https://hagertyhigh.scps.k12.fl.us/core/fileparse.php/11911/urlt/DE_Receipt.pdf