Counselor Information

Currently, counselors are spending each day in classrooms meeting with students to discuss registering for next year’s classes. Couple this with working with seniors on post-secondary plans and our Student Services team comprised of only six counselors and two clerical staff are quite tied up while serving all 2500 Hagerty students! Because of this, they are not available to do meetings with families one-on-one at this time to discuss registration for next year. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of resources available to students and families!

  • January 19, 20, 26, and 27
  • March 9, and 30
  • April 6 and 20

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Make An Appointment

Parents are encouraged to email their student's counselor to schedule an appointment to ensure the counselor will be available for your visit. Parents who choose to walk in without an appointment take the risk of finding their child’s counselor unavailable or will not have sufficient time to address their concerns. Counselors do realize there are times when there will be emergencies that occur and are unexpected. However, if your concern is not urgent, we would appreciate your courtesy of creating an appointment. 

Students can stop by to see their counselors before school, during their scheduled lunch, and after school or they can sign up for an appointment with their counselor below. Appointments made during class times must have teacher permission.

Building 6 Student Services Office

Mrs. McKenzie Kaplan
Book an appointment with Mrs. Kaplan
Last names A-C

  • AP Coordinator

Mrs. Jennifer Abecrombie
Book an appointment with Mrs. Abercrombie
Last names D-He

  • AP Co-Coordinator
  • PBIS
  • TAPP Contact

Mr. Nick Maby
Book an Appointment with Mr. Maby
Last names Hi-Mi

  • School Profile
  • SSC Decision Day
  • PTSA

Building 2 Student Services Office

Ms. Michelle Cortes
Book an appointment with Mrs. Cortes
Last names Mj-Sc and ESOL

  • Lead school counselor
  • National Merit
  • Student Services Canvas Page
  • Department Presentations
  • Bright Futures Annual Reports
  • Scholarships

Mrs. Joan Toro
Book an appointment with Mrs. Toro
Last names Sd-Z

  • Dual Enrollment
  • Bright Futures Applications
  • Grade level credit checks (10-12)

Ms. Erin Isaacs
Book an appointment with Mrs. Isaacs
All ESE students

ESE Department Chair

  • ESE Department Chair
  • Risk Assessment Team
  • Articulation with feeder middle schools
  • Gifted Educational Plans
  • FSA and EOC waiver meetings for senior ESE students
  • ESE articulation with feeder middle schools
  • PTSA Mental Health Wellness Committee

All counselors

  • Scheduling
  • Testing assistance
  • Academic advising
  • Personal\social-emotional counseling
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • Attend 504 & MTSS Meetings
  • College/scholarship applications and recommendations
  • Counselors Corner (lunch)
  • Social Worker, New Horizons, and LMHC referrals