Counselor Information

Counselor Summer Schedule

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Make An Appointment

Parents are encouraged to email their student's counselor to schedule an appointment to ensure the counselor will be available for your visit. Parents who choose to walk in without an appointment take the risk of finding their child’s counselor unavailable or will not have sufficient time to address their concerns. Counselors do realize there are times when there will be emergencies that occur and are unexpected. However, if your concern is not urgent, we would appreciate your courtesy of creating an appointment. 

Students can stop by to see their counselors before school, during their scheduled lunch, and after school or they can sign up for an appointment with their counselor below. Appointments made during class times must have teacher permission.

Building 6 Student Services Office

Dr. Andrea Fuhrer

Last names A-Di


Mrs. Jennifer Abecrombie

Last names Dj-Joh
Book an appointment with Mrs. Abercrombie

Mr. Nick Maby

Last names Joi-Mur
Book an Appointment with Mr. Maby

Building 2 Student Services Office

Ms. Michelle Cortes

Last names Mus-Sci and ESOL
Book an appointment with Mrs. Cortes

Mrs. Joan Toro

Last names Sco-Z
Book an appointment with Mrs. Toro

Ms. Erin Isaacs

All ESE students
Book an appointment with Mrs. Isaacs