FACA State Track Clinic 2022

FACA Track and Field Clinic - Schedule - 2022


Bryan Jackson - Distance

Developing the 400-800 Athlete

Endurance Training, The UCF Way

Transitioning Between Seasons

Jay Getty - Distance and General Topics

Practice Management and Recovery 

Track and Field Update 2022

Steering Clear of the ADs Office

Samantha Gerrits - Distance

Team Training Systems

Judy Wilson - Distance

Race Strategies

Base Building for Young Distance Runners

Interval Training for High School Events

Ken Brauman - Long / Triple Jump / Relays

Long Jump and Triple Jump

Andy Vince - Throwing Events


Jason Greer - Hurdles

100m & 110m Hurdles

300m & 400m Hurdles

Mike Dunlevy - NCSA - Next Collegiate Student Athlete 

To Be Submitted

Marc Bailey - Sprint Events


Jason Dean - Pole Vault

Pole Vault-Bringing up the Beginner

Pole Vault-Beyond the Basics

Ed Thompson - FHSAA Staff

FHSAA 2022 Track and Field Rules Presentation

Lionel Bonck - CFTOA Officials

FACA Officials Presentation

Holly Fagan - High Jump

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